Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Grimm Season Two Premier: Bad Teeth

The Grimm season two opener features a french speaking tiger like creature who can "wipe out an entire village".  The :Mauvais Dentes" has been sent to kill Nick, of course.

This plotline aside, alot happens!  Nick's mom is of particular interest.  She explains what happened to Nick's father and how she got away alive on the night he was killed.  In order to protect Nick, she says, she disappeared.  Aunt Marie knew Nick's mom was alive but never told him, also a protection.

In answer to Nick's question where has she been all of these years and why is she here now, she says she has been trying to track down the killer of her husband and her friend (who actually died in the accident).  She heard that Kimura was here and she was hunting him.

Nick takes her to Aunt Marie's trailer and she is delighted to see it.  She and her sister Aunt Marie bought it to store the boxes and boxes of Grimm stuff they inherited.  She found out she was a Grimm at age ten, and taken out on "The Hunt".   She has such a deadly feral quality to her, and being raised as a killer from age ten would easily produce such a being.  Note that Nick was not raised that way by Aunt Marie, perhaps because they couldn't tell he had Grimm traits or perhaps the sisters agreed between themselves that he would live a more normal life as long as possible.  There's a future flashback scene for you...What Really Happened That Night.

We need to know more about Aunt Marie over time.  She was tough as nails but loving and she gave Nick a life safe from monsters.  Her influence let him become someone who would emphasize with the Wesen and perhaps change the course of Grimm history.

Back to Kelly Burkhardt, Nick's mom.  Did you see how she looked at those coins in the trailer?  The familiar barely masked desire to possess them flashed over her face before she became composed and Grimmly business like.  Just as she had heard rumors that Nick was the one who had sent the reaper heads to Europe Fed-Ex, I think she heard about the coins and suspected he has them.  I believe she came for the coins and will take them at some point and disappear.

She is teaching him all she knows, either to prepare him for coming battles or I was thinking she will take the coins and use them and he will be a more worthy foe if he knows what he is doing a bit more.  Mean mom city if true, but despite what looks like fondness for Nick, I think she is rock hard and is playing him.

She also knows he has one of the Seven Keys (did you notice the power lust in her voice as she told him about the weapon the map leads to?).

What will Kelly do when she meets or sees Renard?  I think she will see him immediately for what he is.  Will she tell Nick?

Renard who is so likeable most of the time really went around pushing his agenda.  It appears he is behind the guy in France who is torturing the Resistance member, since he is shown speaking in French to someone on the phone at the end of the episode.  However, Renard tells Adalind's mother he wants Nick, his own personal Grimm, to stay in town and stay loyal...so the Mauvais Dentes sent to destroy Nick can't be from him. Very confusing!

I am glad Kimura is dead, I don't care that he was taken down by a poisoned sandwich.  Nasty guy.

The Juliette subplot was just touched on.  Very odd that Rosalee and Monroe have this "unstable concoction" and are waiting for Nick to come to administer it.  Meanwhile Adalind's mom under threat from Renard is concocting the same thing.  Who will save Juliette?

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