Saturday, August 4, 2012

My New Quiz For Shelf Reading Volunteers

I previously used a Post Office style quiz I'd made wherein the volunteer put book titles/call numbers in order in groups of four.  It seemed brilliant at the time but I decided to make it more practical and reflective of our "how to shelf read" booklet.

Here are the new questions:

Shelf Reading Quiz

Which area of the collection contains true stories fiction or non-fiction?   Circle the correct answer.

Fiction is divided into what four sections or genres?

Biographies are filed by Dewey Decimal Number and then by the name of the person the biography is about.  If you have two biographies on the shelf and they are about the same person, what is the next thing you look at when filing?  ______________________________________________________

Which number is larger?   520. 35   or  520.8?   Circle the correct answer.

Put these titles in order by writing a 1, 2, 3 next to them

______________Beaton, M. C.   Agatha Raisin and the potted gardener

____________    Beaton, M. C.   Agatha Raisin and the murderous marriage

______________Beaton, M. C.   Death of a Dreamer

Authors with names beginning Mc   and Mac are not filed together.   Which comes first, Mc or Mac?  Circle the correct answer.

“Nothing comes before something” means a shorter version of a word or phrase files first.   Remember to read the title letter by letter to see what is different and what comes next.  Put these titles in order by writing a 1,2,3 next to them:

_______Offices of the Congressional Speaker’s Bureau

_______Official Comic Book pricing Guide

_______Office 2010 for Dummies

You are shelf reading in fiction and find Stephen King’s books on the shelf in the following sequence.  Are they correct?  Number them to show the correct order:


_____Dark Half


_____Dark Tower


_____Bag of Bones

_____Dolores Claiborne


_____Duma Key



You are shelf reading in the Large Print Mystery section and find a book that is filed correctly by author then title but it does not say Large Print Mystery on the spine label.  What should you do with the book?______________________________________________________________________

While working in the Westerns, you notice that a whole section of books is in order by the series number instead of by author and title order.  What is the next step?________________________________________________________________________

How are Entertainment DVD’s arranged?__________________________

In the children’s fiction section you find paperbacks and hardcovers are all in one alphabet.  What is this called?_________________________

Picture books are in “loose alphabetical order”.  What order are they in?____________________________________________

Non-fiction books are in Dewey Decimal order then by author (except in biographies).  Which comes first on the shelf 709 or 709.11?  Circle the answer.

When working in any given area, you may need to shift the books to a shelf above or below to make room for items that are out of place or just crowded.  Sometimes the books on several shelves may need to be adjusted.  If you shift books down, are you moving books to the left or to the right? __________

While shelf reading in the Young Adult graphic novel section, you notice that some say GF on the spine.  Do they belong in this area?  ____Where do they go?________________

As you shelf read the Paperback area you notice labels on some books for Romance or Action/ Adventure or Paperback Classics.  Should these be shelved someplace else?__________________

When you sign in to volunteer you need to do three things:

If you find a book or item more than a shelf or so out of place, what do you do with it?________________________________________

Who can you ask for help with your questions while you’re shelf reading? _________________________________________

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