Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Second City

We went to the front door after a circuitous ride to it by taxi and were told that our show was two doors down at the rainbow sign, then to the third floor. All escalators luckily!

Our seat "at the rail" turned out to be very nice. The "rail" was a long curved bar in the center of the room.

Our show One Nation under 1% was a mix of skits and songs and audience participation highlighting the ideals of our country over time.

Mr. DOA got picked as one of the participants along the way. His highlight was grabbing my hand as he was being quizzed and the guy noticed, and said "putting your hand on your wife's thigh isn't going to help you answer"...Mr. DOA immediately responded "how do you know it was her thigh", causing various customers to stop and chat with him as they went by afterwards. Mr. Humor hits Second City.

Highly recommended place to visit if you're in Chicago. It's nice to laugh and think all in an evening's entertainment.

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