Wednesday, April 15, 2015

DOA in the Garden: Peas to Please!

Early in my gardening life there was a columnist called The Slothful Gardener.  She has been my secret inspiration during all of my gardening years.  She tried to be particular about how she planted things and tended her garden, but at the end of the day, she just didn't worry and she let her garden grow, grow grow.  My heroine.

In that spirit, I devoted an entire bed today to planting Pea Seeds.  I had seven different varieties because (gasp) I tossed in seeds from previous years.  Seeds which I did not keep in a vacuum packed, temperature controlled vault.  I reek, I know.  It doesn't matter, because I was so very happy digging furrows, planting the seeds, noting which were where in my notebook.

I reflected as I worked how much I love playing in the dirt and always have.  Every other set of pea seeds went in horizontally or vertically in its allotted spot.  As you can see cleverly separated by handy little sticks.

I have never had any luck with peas, no matter how carefully I planted, spaced, inoculated, fed, watered.  I've gotten like 3 peas to eat, ever.  Viva la revolucion!   I just dumped those packets in.  Muahahaha.

If I don't get any peas, no shock.  I had a lovely time planting them and dreaming of some miraculous pea bed, and that is all that counts this time around.