Thursday, April 2, 2015

Adding Color!

I have three wonderful old milk cans that I use in my garden to hold pots.  There are drainage holes at the top and bottom.  Pictured below, obviously not from this year's garden!

Inspired by my plans ( too cold yet) to paint an old metal shelf turquoise I pictured my milk cans in three lovely pastel shades.

I also have a variety of ironwork shelves that would look just so cheerful in pastels.

When it warms up and the wind isn't blasting through, I'm ready.

I was looking for tips on painting furniture with spray paints and found a couple of fun sites, which I'll add to the Craft Blog Roll, because I like their styles and ideas.

Ciburbanity on spraying metal shelves:

Artsy Chicks Rule on a particular gold metallic shade

A spray painting FAQ from In My Own Style

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