Thursday, April 16, 2015

DOA in the Garden: Not Garden Bloom Day & Nothin' in Bloom

I missed Garden Bloggers Bloom Day yesterday, so caught up was I in my Pea Revolution.


My mind was also snarkily happy not to be working at a library on steenkin' Tax Day and dealing with all the desperate souls who needed just one more form.  Needer needer Bad Tax People. Hehehe.

It has been windy and dry so I hooked up the sprinkler on the east side and let it run. Our even/odd watering ban begins on May 15 and I would like to get things off to a good start before then.  I could almost see things greening up before my eyes as grass and plants got a nice soaking.

I continued to work to get all of the ornamental stuff and my greenhouses out into the garden.  In another month this will look really pretty so compare and contrast, and don't judge or say Junkyard Dog!

I captured the leafiness of a few things which are coming up.  I can't really bend to get a good angle for pictures (knees from Hades) so a couple are too close.  But think positively!  Life is returning.

Nectarine close to being a thing in bloom....

This heuchera doesn't need any flowers to be beautiful.

The sweet leaves of an emerging hardy geranium.

Lovely for its entire existence is Jacob's Ladder "Stairway to Heaven".

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