Friday, April 3, 2015

March Craft Month Projects

I made considerable progress on only one project.  Should have had only one as a goal but noooo.

My afghan ten years in the making has gotten many new squares.  I can even crochet now while watching television.

Here is my progress.  While I think I have evened out my tension considerably, you can see a wide variance.

  Also note the frayed looking square on the lower right.  I think the Cat must have found it tasty one night.  Luckily I can just add a new row of black.  And I'll keep the squares in my craft room for safety when I'm not working on it.


Everything needs that one row and an edging.  I've never done an edging but I'm pretty sure I'll be able to figure it out now after several months of crochet immersion.

I have decided I don't like the colors on this so I purchased a few new colors.

I still have all of my old acrylic paints, but I don't know if they are still viable.  I'll find out soon and will either have a fantastic array of colors to use to finish up ceramic projects, or there will be shelf space for some fresh new colors.


  1. Ten years is okay. I finished a hooked rug in 10 years. It looks nice!

    1. I'm trying to complete old projects. Progress has actually been pretty good. Finally!