Thursday, April 23, 2015

Instant Garden Color with Rustoleum :)

I finally got my nerve up and the weather was decent enough (though a tad too windy) to paint my gray shelf and white milk cans.

I used Rustoleum Candy Pink, Apple Green, Aqua and Seaside.  There are gloss types and satin. The satin seemed a bit easier to apply evenly. 

Never having spray painted anything before, I had to get a good distance from spray can to object down right, and a smooth back and forth motion to apply the paint evenly.  This technique is still a work in progress for me.

All of the cans need touch up, particularly the pink.  It was in the 60s on Saturday but has been 40s and 50s all week so I'll have to wait for the temps to rise again.

Even with the need to go over them in spots and to do the lids, they look so beautiful.  I will definitely try spray painting some old plastic lawn chairs to make them lovelier in the landscape, once I finish these.

My husband who used to paint refrigerators (?) for a living during college was awesome. He sanded down the shelf and the milk cans for me.  It really made a huge difference. 

I washed them off with water and dried them before painting.  I love them all so much.  (And my spouse...)

Candy Pink

Apple Green

Pretty Milks Cans All In A Row