Thursday, April 2, 2015

The Winds of Springtime

Despite storms last evening, today was bright and sunny and dry.

I overwintered some perennials in their pots and put them outside yesterday afternoon in the hopes that predicted rains would water them for me.

Everything was disappointingly dry this morning.  On my to do list for the past week has been pulling out my water barel with my hoses nicely coiled inside.

Finally it is out and I filled a couple of watering cans and gave them some much needed water.  

Doing very nicely in its pot is lovely Dicentra Valentine.  I'll make sure it gets a place in the garden soon.

I bought some fingerling potato seedlings over the weekend.

Two varieties, those pictured and some Rose Fin Apple I.

I had a bed picked out for them but while reading the label it said not to plant where tomatoes, peppers and eggplants were the year before.  That particular bed was all tomatoes last season.

The other longer bed will be my potato bed.  I had not cleared this one well in the fall, hoping to see some few root vegetables come to late fruition.

Amazingly, a few parsnips made it through the winter.  I've never eaten a parsnip, but they look fine.

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