Monday, April 27, 2015

Laundry Day in the Garden

Before I retired I made a nice list of things I'd do each day of the week, balancing work and play ever so perfectly.  If I actually have that balance I don't know it!

I have settled on Monday as Laundry Day and Tuesday as Grocery Day.  Things are lively indeed here at DOA Central.

In between loads, I brought out the herbs I purchased yesterday at Shady Acres Herb Farm, somewhere I've always meant to visit.

I put them in one of my mini-greenhouses tonight and zipped it up (not easily, those zippers don't hold out for many seasons).  In my experience the plants stay nice in there overnight and its all steamy in the morning.  Shouldn't be lower than high 40s tonight.  I'll go peek at bedtime and put them in the garage if it doesn't seem right.  Can't let anything happen to my babies.

This worm level view of some of my peas coming up was taken with the camera resting on the side of the raised bed and tilted just so.

I am getting more sprouts from the previous years seeds than from the 2015 set. 

I'm filling seed trays to get more things going.

Some nice bloodroot is blooming at the back of the yard.
Bergenia Baby Doll has defiantly set out one small flower beneath a nearby branch.

Thanks to everything greening up around the garden, things are starting to look nice.


  1. Not fair! We're getting mid-40s at night here in East TN. I've put all my house plants out on the screened in porch, including my orchids. I wouldn't have done it so soon if I'd known the weather would stay so cold. They seem OK, but aren't taking any water. I'll see how they are after Malice Domestic.

  2. I dreamily imagine perfect weather for you in the balmy south!
    I was up till midnight, then went out and brought the plants into the garage after all. It was a little steamed up, but I thing it was just too chill for heat loving herbs.
    There are other plants which would have been fine, but not those herbs, I think. 60s at night would be better and we aren't there yet.
    I look forward to your posts from Malice Domestic!