Saturday, August 15, 2015

Trying out Apple Newstand: Mollie Makes

I love magazines, particularly two craft magazines: Mollie Makes and Simply Crochet (from the same British publisher).
I've had good luck finding copies at a local Joann fabrics, but if I am willing to give up the cute little craft project they include with each issue (a tiny bag with the project of the month and all the materials you need to make it), would I enjoy just getting access on my iPad?


For an initial browse of the articles, the format would be fine.  My iPads large screen will display the pages easily.

Working on a project

If you're using a page to work on a pattern, you run into the tendency of the device to go dim/dark.  I have tried to find a setting that stops this annoyance but without success.

Another consideration is that you might be working away blissfully only to find your battery is low.

These things are never a consideration with the physical magazine.

Of course you can have dozens of issues on your device and no space is taken up in your home, which is already overflowing with books, right?

The Newstand doesn't show you the subscription price of a magazine until you choose "Get" and log in with your Apple ID.  That seems so odd since other apps show you the pricing upfront.

You can buy individual issues of Mollie Makes for $6.99 each which might be an option if you didn't want to subscribe upfront but only wanted to see a particularly appealing issue.

$16.99 for three months 
$59.99 for a year

I may try the three months to see how I like it.  I believe you have access to all back issues when you subscribe.

Edit:  I went with a three month subscription and the magazine is beautiful as always. Caveat! Your three month subscription will auto renew unless you go into settings (device or subscription settings??) ...I'm pretty sure they said the day before it is due to renew.  That is all kinds of troublesome if true, and if the subscription service is U.K. Based you'll need to be wary of time zones.

As you're flipping pages it seems to take a few moments for some pages to resolve.
If one of the reasons you like the magazine is getting the "artist paper", that you'll need to print out rather than being able to tear it out of the magazine.  Artist paper is usually on a bit stiffer stock than the rest of the pages so what printing result you get would vary with your printer and the paper you choose to print on.

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