Sunday, August 9, 2015

This Blog Needs Something...

I looked over my blog last night and realized I have hardly posted in 2014 or 2015 at all.  I feel like I have been posting but 53 posts in 2014 and 66 posts in 2015 so far...tsk slug doggie!  My game blog has 108 posts so far this year.  It isn't that I'm playing more, I think perhaps because it is focused on a particular topic it is just easier.


My blog also appears to have become a gardening blog. Even this winter that was the most common post topic.  It isn't even what I send most of my time doing, it just has lovely pictures that can be posted along with my deep deep thoughts is my guess.

Although I've gotten out of my reading slump and have been readings lots of good things I could recommend, I follow so many authors on Facebook who find reviews of their books and are either very pleased or they are crushed that they got a poor or middling review or a dread single star.

Giving out stars is just something I can't bring myself to do.  I have never been a fan of doing book reports so I can't write those big whopper reviews that are half the length of the book.

In my last post, I think I may have hit upon a way I can share what I read without any judgement being made. Just the ever ideal, hey, this is a great book.

Watch This Space  for actual posts, mini-posts, pseudo-posts as I try to get that post count up.

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