Sunday, July 29, 2018

This Week In The Garden

Hardly any time spent in the garden this week, but that's how it goes.   Finally some decent temperatures, 80s with night times in the 60s.  Some things love it, some things hate it.

The Little Mexican Cucumbers

How to use a can of spray paint on a shelf and not cover it all.  Lots of paint went oof, straight out into the air.   This is such a pretty shelf, and the paint really brings out the details, I think.

After spending years in the garage and shed, I nailed this little birdhouse to the fence this season and soon after a little brown bird made it it's home.

Garage sale find!  I went garage saling with my sister in law, who knows her way around to every sale.    I really don't need things, but because I have so many containers, things for the garden that I can set pots on are invaluable.  This little metal table is pretty perfect.

Also found:  A little holder for pictures that I saw and thought it would be a great little trellis.

It will get a rose colored spray paint.  And maybe I'll use it instead to hold laminated pretty seed packets and hang it in the garden shed.

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