Friday, September 7, 2018

Chocolate Craving Cake From I Am Baker

This week's new recipe for me is one I've had printed out for a couple of years, I think.  No need to rush in!  It keeps popping up on I Am Baker's Facebook page and I "like" it every time.

I made it this morning.  It doesn't look like the original picture, but it is wonderfully, intensely chocolatey.   The 8 x 8 pan size means I may be able to eat it all by myself.  I did have a tester lined up, who could help eat it, but they were unable to make it.  We shall see what next week brings!

I used 2 % milk rather than whole.  I don't mind getting buttermilk for a recipe, because you can always use buttermilk in pancakes or something, but whole milk....nah.    This is one of the few recipes for chocolate cake you'll find these days that doesn't ask for coffee.   Coffee is for sipping with your cake, not going in the mixing bowl.

Her directions have you taking the cake out of the pan, no doubt using the parchment paper from the instructions to lift it to a cooling rack.  Then of course you need to get it on a plate for frosting purposes and eating purposes.  I think I'll leave it in the pan next time.

My cake may be extra chocolately because I used Hershey's Special Dark cocoa, which I use for everything now.

I should have used my frosting spatula instead of a butter knife to spread the frosting, of which there is a generous amount.  Without further ado, my Chocolate Craving Cake.

A little cake disaster-y looking, but really good.

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