Sunday, September 9, 2018

Penguin & Fish: Kitties "Your Name Here" Hand Embroidery Kit

Why do I periodically haunt the Embroidery Kit section at Joann's?  Because they have the best kits, that I might make someday.   Someday has come for this adorable kit, which comes with a really nicely made wooden hoop, ribbon and thread, iron on or traceable patterns, and instructions even I can follow.

I have to note that most Embroidery Kits give little to no instruction.  They tell you the colors used, and provide a chart with colors and stitches illustrated.   They don't tell you where to start in the picture.   They don't talk about moving row to row.  They could do better.

I have this one and a Beagle, which I'd love to customize to look more like my own beagle, but I don't think I'm capable of that.   The kits are $19.99, given what's included, I think that's fine.

My first ever attempt to iron on a pattern.  Note to self:  Iron heat setting 6.

The letters I'll need to trace into the center with my cat's name.

Here's how it should look when complete.

Here's the thread in a nice tidy little pack, not the often-seen-in-kits tangle of colors.

A tad blurry picture of the instructions.  You get the idea of how nicely they're done though.

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