Thursday, April 16, 2009

Note to Self: Opening and Printing Tricky Adobe Documents

We're having a rash of problems with people not being able to print Adobe documents. Our techies have no solution since it is "intermittent".

So, we had a man's resume that he had created on an online site, and it was an Adobe doc but showed as a Word doc on his flash drive. It did not open in Word with any of the encoding options. We've seen this before and had no solution, but today, my tiny brain said, "look at the document Properties" why isn't the dang thing recognizing the formatting?

I still don't know the answer but I did see that the file was set to "open with" Microsoft Word but nada happened of use. So I looked to see if it could be opened with another type of program and there was Adobe Acrobat 9 all snuggly and shiny. I changed the doc to "open with" Adobe 9 and voila! a lovely resume.

I'll never remember that if I don't jot it down someplace. *scribble*


  1. I have run into Similiar Problems with 2 other file formats. One format is the new Microsoft XPS file format that is similar to Adobe Files.

    The other is with DocX files. Word requires the latest translators to open them. The latest version of Open Office will also open DocX.
    Zamzar Can also be used. It is really getting nuts with all these online job applications resume builders, tax forms and other asked for forms. Nothing is compatable or usable in the formats they deliver and expect.

  2. Google chrome doesn't support flash.Try using the default android browser it works with flash player.UC browser is best.
    Adobe Support