Wednesday, April 1, 2009

More Things on a Stick Thing 28: Netvibes and iGoogle


I had set up an iGoogle page last time around, but haven't used it. I've tried some added widgets and backgrounds this time around.

For instance, there was a "Magic 8 Ball". I've always loved those things. I asked it if I was bored. NO. I asked if Ben (Lost) would die on tonight's show. "IT IS A GOOD POSSIBILITY" Whoa, how scary is that?

Although many of the add ons are fun, none are indespensible, and I think I will still not bring up my iGoogle page.


Netvibes asked me to pick categories of interest. I chose News, TV Movies, Music, Fun & Games, Tools & Tech

My "suggested partner widgets" came out to be:

Babyzone due date countdown!!!! (Almost 21 years too late!)
Orange Business (I didn't select Business at all)
Shopping.Com (I didn't select interest in Shopping either!)

The graphics layout of Netvibes is somewhat crude looking. It does have handy links to Facebook, your email, and wiki-invest for all the money watchers out there.

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