Tuesday, April 7, 2009

So Lost: Whatever Happened, Happened

The title of last week's episode and the title of this week's episode of Lost show that the writer's are having a fine time playing with the audience, I think.

"Whatever happened, happened" come on, now, consider the source. Daniel Faraday utters this in a world weary (his usual tone) manner. Because he is a physicist, people take it seriously. I am going to say that he is full of beans and he knows it. Faraday is smart enough to know all about time and paradox so he would know time can be changed by time travellers. It is in the Time Travel Manual on page 101. I believe his frustration comes from the fact that he himself has tried on numerous occasions to alter time (warning the child Charlotte, experimenting with a Rat with his mother's name, experimentation gone terribly awry with Theresa). Because he can't succeed, he puts a damper and a misdirection on the other castaways.

This week's episode is "Dead is Dead". Give me a break. Who stays dead on Lost? Nobody really.

That aside, from the Whatever Happened Happened Episode I see that Kate, who I've assumed was working for Charles or Eloise is more likely working on behalf of Ben. Somehow he got to her (and she beat him up in Los Angeles, not sweet Penny) and just before she potentially killed him off he told her something that must have had to do with Aaron that would make her do anything to save him, even act as Ben's agent on the island to make sure that events occured that would leave Ben as the evil twerp he is.

Ya ya, Jack refused to operate. Kate is the one who comes up with the idea (planted in advance by Ben? hmmm?) to take Ben to the Others---correction it is Juliette, but Kate still is the villain! Kate does not hesitate to give the okay to the supposedly innocent child Ben to be altered forever into the slime bucket we know and kinda appreciate. It seems as you're watching it that she is compassionate for a child but nah, she is really as cold and calculating as ever.

I loved Jack in this episode, coming into his own as a person for probably the first time in his life. He made his own decisions and did not cave in to pressure or manipulation from anyone. Go Jack go!

The transformations of Sawyer and Jack in Dharmaville say much about the rarified air there before the Purge and its gas and all that. Fun stuff. I love this show.

Small spoiler thought: Lots of speculation about who and what is in the Temple. I think this week's show will blow all that out of the water. Hope so anywho.

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