Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Librarian Newswire's 10 Librarian Blogs to Read in 2009

Hot on the trail of live public librarians who write about their librarian-like lives, I came across this list. The blogs from public librarians are:

Closed Stacks "Ruling the world through information" This is a joint blog with two of the librarians working in public libraries.

In the Library With the Lead Pipe This is my favorite library blog name ever, since I'm a huge fan of Clue, and libraries. These folks are also a mix of library types, but they are doing what I hoped to see, thinking in a practical way about public libraries, where they are, and what they can be.

The Alternative Teen Services blog has gone under as of this writing.

A listed blog that falls into the entertaining but not really helpful category of "burnout blogs" on the list is The Society for Librarians who say Mother*&#*@!

They also mention David Lee King's blog but since he isn't working the Big Desk, he's not the droid we're looking for.

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