Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Pondering Public Libraries

Since I'm all retrospective here at the beginning of the new year and decade, I thought I would do my homework and read more about what other public librarians think about their posts out there in libraryland.

I am looking to find writers about the public library life, and so far, I'm seeing that most bloggers and writers who write about public libraries either write anonymous "burn out blogs" which complain about customers and anything else that bugs them about their jobs, or, the writers are doing book blogs, recommending good reading.

After over three decades working in public libraries, I know we do everything imaginable in the course of our work. We are asked questions and are assumed to be experts on every conceivable topic. People either fear us as intellectual snobs or love us for the kind patient work we do everyday. There is more variety, constant change, endless variation, and the opportunity to do Real Good, both one on one as we help people, and as disseminators of information and advice in the complex world we live in, as institutions.


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