Monday, January 4, 2010

Book View Cafe "because you can never have too many books"

Taking advantage of the ease of direct access to readers offered by the Internet and making good use of current eReader technology (for example the Kindle and the Nook--why do I want to write Kook?) Book View Cafe offers a vast variety of science fiction, fantasy and a few other genres for download.

From the site:

BOOK VIEW CAFE came together in March of 2008 around a group of authors with a simple aim: to use the Internet to bring their work directly to their readers. It was already clear that a revolution was coming to the publishing industry and these authors wanted to help shape its course.

Working with a shoe-string budget and volunteer labor, but drawing on a collective century’s worth of experience in the publishing industry, they created the Book View Cafe Website. Rather than just another clearing house for books online, they created a space where readers could browse and discover new authors and titles alongside current favorites. Aware that the Internet demands variety, the authors made sure that fresh fiction appeared on their front page every day, a feat made possible by the extensive list of material available to over twenty professional authors.

The Book View Cafe site officially launched in November of 2008. Since then the site has experienced a steady growth in readers and in author-members. The Cafe now receives over 700,000 hits every month. The author blog has also seen increasing popularity since its launch, drawing a further seven to eight thousand hits per month.

Not content to make their previously published work available, in 2009 the Cafe authors opened Book View Press to publish original work. Their first title, Rocket Boy and the Geek Girls, is an original anthology of new work and classic reprints. In December, 2009, Book View Press will release its first all-original anthology, a steampunk collection titled The Shadow Conspiracy. Further scheduled projects include a fantasy anthology, a second steampunk collection, and a pair of writer’s manuals.

Registration is required. Books are available in a variety of formats: PDF, EPUB, Mobi, .prc, .lrf, .lit

Once registered, read exclusive interviews with authors and download a wide variety of fiction you can't get anywhere else, in many cases.

There is also a popular blog the Book View Cafe Blog updated daily by many contributors.

Visit often with your cup of coffee or tea and find something great to read on your Kindle, Nook, or other Reader. Since these are available in pdf format, you can buy and read them on your snuggly pc as well.

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  1. Thanks for your note about Book View Cafe.

    One minor correction:

    While it's necessary to register to buy an ebook (so the system can keep track of your subscriptions and you can come back and get another copy if your system crashes or you get a new device that requires a different format, etc.), the vast majority of the fiction, most of it free, at Book View Cafe doesn't require registration to read it. We have a few features only available to registered BVC members, but folks shouldn't hesitate to visit the site because they are wary of a registration gateway.


    Vonda N. McIntyre
    (Founding member)