Saturday, January 30, 2010

An Author Reading, (almost) in Second Life

I'm enjoying Facebook much more these days. I was all set to attend a live "reading" of Michael Stackpole's new novel At the Queen's Command in his stylish office in Second Life. Would have been fun, but a sound guy popped in briefly, then another fan, but no author. Maybe we had the time wrong? (Yes, thwarted again by my inability to do the time zone math, oops.

I really never appreciated the controls in Second Life, because I'm so used to WASD, but I was able to transport over from the Starter Island (where some little oddball kept jumping up and down on me) thanks to a link from Facebook and voila. Nice place, as you can see.

And my character still has her boxy little form and that torch sticking out of her back. Very science fictional, I think.

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