Monday, January 25, 2010

The Shadow Project by Herbie Brennan.

Danny, a wild child of the streets, makes his way into an abandoned mansion. Through a bit of odd timing, he discovers an elevator down to a secret government facility just as security for the system is offline.

He knows he will be in trouble if caught but he can't resist exploring. When he comes upon a room with a girl hooked into what looks like a torture device, he is shocked enough that he doesn't notice he is now surrounded by security, and he's captured.

Welcome to the Shadow Project, a secret British operation that uses "remote viewing", a form of astral projection, to spy unseen upon enemies in faraway lands. Teens are the most adept as subjects, and they can gather intelligence without risk to their corporeal forms, so it seems.

The girl in the chair is Opal, daughter of project head Sir Roland. While on a mission to track down the almost legendary figure The Skull, she not only finds the Skull, but she is seen and trapped in a cage by a mystical old man named Farrakhan.

It is up to Danny, a reluctant recruit, and Michael, a prince among his people who is utterly loyal to the Project, to try to find Opal and solve the mystery of Farrakhan and the beasts he soon unleashes upon the Project.

Part spy adventure, part supernatural mystery, The Shadow Project is a fast moving tale that would be enjoyed by readers of The Alex Rider series by Anthony Horowitz, The Pendragon Adventures by D. J. MacHale and the Artemis Fowl series by Eoin Colfer.

In a fascinating Author Note at the end of the book, Herbie Brennan talks about the real life "remote viewing" program run at one time by the CIA.

This is just the first adventure for Danny, Opal and Michael, so keep a sharp eye out for the next volume.

Herbie Brennan is the author of the Fairie Wars Series:

Faerie Wars

The Purple Emperor

Ruler of the Realm

Faerie Lord

For more on Herbie Brennan, Out of Body Experiences, and other aspects of Herbie's work, visit his site.

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