Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Lean Mean Streets of Ord Mantell

As you can see, the concrete and steel streets of Ord Mantell are much kinder on the eye. I only got the grassy landscape streaks when I went out of the town.

My original choice of classes when I played this game was going to be Smuggler. As only one of two non-Jedi classes, it sounded appealing.

I really like my little shooting smuggler. She drops and rolls behind cover when it is available. She's a quick shot. She's a bit of a smarty without even trying.

They don't let you lean out and shoot from doorways, you just have to plough on in. You're never fighting less than three bad guys at a time, but they go down pretty fast (unless you thought you were leaning out from that door way but you were just getting popped).

I think you can get a better feel for a game if you try each class and go five levels, so onward next to Bounty Hunter or Jedi Consular. Best get the Jedi over with.

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