Monday, March 25, 2013

Revolution: The Stand (Spoiler City)

After a three month long hiatus, Revolution returned tonight with guns blazing.  Somehow Monroe was able to power one, then two helicopters and send them to decimate rebel bases. 

The first base was taken down by a single helicopter in a matter of moments.  It has gatling type guns and rocket launchers.

The second base was the Rebel headquarters in Annapolis.  Two helicopters were sent there.  I have to assume they flew as near to each other as possible to be powered by the amulet in Monroe's possession. 

Once again I have to wonder at the unlikelihood of the fuel being viable and ready in the copters after 15 years, plus the availability of trained pilots and crew.

That aside, Neville's son Jason had a falling out with his psycho dad and refused to fight with him further.  Neville gave him the trademark Captain Neville pounding and left him for dead, even telling Monroe he is dead.

Jason was able to warn Charlie and crew about the impending arrival of Monroe's forces.  The Rebels decided to make a stand, fanning out fighters in front of their building in hopes of shooting the pilots and crew.

Meanwhile, Rachel and Miles head off to get some serious gunpower from a fellow of Rachel's nearby.  It turns out her friend is a Very Odd Duck who makes guns and weaponry as a hobby.  He is nervous and weasly because he turns out to be in mysterious Government Dude Randall's pocket.  He takes out Miles and Rachel with a sonic device then calls in Randall.

Our buddy Randall has Grace, poor put upon kidnapped Grace working on trying to get an elevator working in the deep underground power source sort of place they're in.  Turns out he needs to get down to the twelfth level.  Grace is left in the care of a giant sleezo of a guy who she seems to fear even more than she does Randall.

Let's hope Grace is rescued next episode.

Meanwhile, back at Rebel headquarters, the helicopters begin the attack.  Just in the nick Rachel and Miles fly in with their horse drawn wagon  (like you can keep Miles and Rachel tied to a chair), and Miles aims at a helicopter with a big a** gun. 

Unfortunately, the other copter shoots and knocks him down, and Danny runs bravely and gets the big gun and takes both copters out.  He is exposed however and one of the copters sprays him with bullets before it goes kablooie, and all of the efforts of our small band to find and rescue him are for naught, he is dead.

Plots inside of plots, we see Monroe all whiny and boo hooey at his headquarters after losing his copters.  Never fear, Randall has just driven up in a Cutlass and offers to help him, toady gun maker in tow.

In a last scene Rachel visit's Danny's body and tells him she loves him to the moon and back, just as she had right before his Randall arranged surgery (which theoretically helped his asthma condition).

Then she shockingly takes out a pen knife, raises his bloody shirt and makes an incision in the side of his chest.  Digging in, she pulls out a small tubular flashing light. 

In the previews for next week we see her heading to "The Tower" where she says she can turn the lights back on.  This is theoretically where Randall is holding Grace, I hope.  Grace deserves a break and I know Rachel can kill the giant toad guy guarding her.

Every episode which features lots of Elizabeth Mitchell time is a good episode, for me.  I think the acting for all cast is hugely better, the plot was tighter, it was a good return episode.

Other tidbits:

Aaron wanted to stop the revolution and go home now they were all together and they had Danny.  He also had plenty of questions for Rachel about her not being the ordinary housewife he had thought she was.

There was a wee moment of tension, dare we say romantic, between Miles and Rachel on the way to Mr. Odd Duck the Gun Lord's  place which she pushed off from.  Hmm, was Miles in love with his brother's wife lo those many years ago so he sent for her to "protect" her?  Tsk.  Separating her from her husband and kids, what a snake, no matter why he did it. 

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