Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Everyone Uses Them On the Line Nowadays...

We finally have the 1040 Instruction Books at the library.

They are the size of a hefty magazine so the government seems to delay printing them a bit longer every year for sketchy reasons, hoping to drive people to their web site  to download and use them, thus saving printing costs.

Silly IRS.  Our customers:

Don't have Printers

Don't like getting things online

Think they have to print the whole thing even when they can just download it and read it onscreen ( they want the book in hand, don't like to read it on screen).

They can be quite caustic and disapproving of our efforts to help them get it RIGHT NOW, even though they refuse to take the simple steps that would put the book in their hands.  Sigh.  It's almost over...

Anywho, the post title comes from an older gentleman who was happy to hear we do have the books.  He said somewhat apologetically "I know everyone uses them On the Line nowadays".   You seldom hear people use the phrases "I need to get Online" or "On the Computer" (please don't smoosh it) anymore.  The charming phrase "On the Line" made me think of birds on the line, of course.

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