Saturday, March 16, 2013

Google Reader Saving My Favorites

Just as I was about to add some sites to my Google Reader list they announced this week they are getting rid of Google Reader in July.  There are apparently some alternatives but none look particularly appealing so far.

I want to save my sites, so my plan is to just open Google Reader, click on a post to go to the actual site and then save it to My Favorites in Internet Explorer.  Putzy but it is guaranteed that I will still be able to keep up with the many blogs and other sites I enjoy.


  1. I recommend Feedly. You can import your feeds with one click, and if you set it up the way I have it (another click or two), it's almost exactly like GR.

    1. Well, thanks, I've seen that one mentioned. Didn't want to install Google Chrome for it also for Firefox?

  2. I think it'll work in any browser. Will also work on iPad and iPhone. Not as well as GR did, but at least it's workable, and easy.