Friday, March 22, 2013

Traveling Librarian: Erin and Paddy in Cambridge MN

I love seeing my favorite authors in person.  One of the very best is mystery author Erin Hart.


I traveled north last night to see her and her husband Paddy in Cambridge Minnesota.  There was this long thin packed-with-books store called Scout & Morgan. 

Chairs were set up at front near a fireplace.  Somehow they managed to fit in a projection screen and ran pictures from Paddy's book The Road from Castlebarnagh and then settings and objects from Erin's book The Book of Killowen.

That little store was just packed with people.  The store owner was just this lovely lady who handed out a glass of Guiness at the door. 

You can imagine the audience was relaxed and happy.  Afterwards there was a concert with Paddy and his button accordion and I'm sure Erin sang with that heavenly voice of hers.  I wasn't able to stay, and a look into the cafe next door where the concert would be let me know there really was no room for me and my big coat.  It was just packed like sardines in there.

I came away just smiling dreamily and thinking for the first time in my life how nice it would be to own a wondrous little bookstore and have authors and musicians in, plying the crowd with goodies and refreshments :)

If you are in this area, you should make an effort to see Erin and Paddy and snap up their new books.  I read a chapter or so of The Road from Castlebarnagh when I got home.  It is a memoir of his early days and musical roots.  It is written in a lovely conversational style as if he is sitting with you and telling you stories.

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