Friday, March 29, 2013

Novels in Translation

We have had the "Foreign Language Authors" assignment at the library for as long as I remember.

In desperation at one point, (in the glory days when we were allowed to make booklists and recommended reading lists for the public) I made up a Foreign Authors List with the author, title and country the work was originally published in because these foreign authors could not be from Great Britain. I had to make sure:

The books needed to be readable by high school students.

We needed to own copies of the book at our branch.

Here is the list with additions of novels anyone might like regardless of age and needer, needer, ownership is ethereal.

Achebe, Chinua               Things fall apart                                       Nigeria

Allende, Isabelle              House of the spirits                                  Chile

Allende, Isabelle              Kingdom of the Golden Dragon                Chile

Allende, Isabelle              City of the beasts                                     Chile

Anyi, Wang                     Baotown                                                   China

Balzac, Honore De          Cousin Bette                                            France

Calvino, Italo                   If on a winter's night a traveller                  Italy

Camus, Albert                 The Stranger                                             France

Cervantes, Miguel           Don Quixote                                              Spain

Coelho, Paulo                  The Alchemist                                          Portugal

Dangarembga, Tsitsi       Nervous conditions                                  Zimbabwe

Dostoyevsky, Fyodor     Crime and Punishment                              Russia

Dumas, Alexandre           Count of Monte Cristo                              France

Dumas, Alexandre           Three Musketeers                                     France

Dumas, Alexandre           The Man in the Iron mask                       France

Emecheta, Buchi             The Joys of motherhood                          Nigeria

Flaubert, Gustav              Madame Bovary                                       France

Funke, Cornelia               Inkheart                                                    Germany

Garcia Marquez, Gabriel  One hundred years of solitude                Columbia

Garcia Marquez, Gabriel  Love in the time of cholera                    Columbia

Gogol, Nickolai               Dead souls                                              Russia

Grass, Gunter                 The Tin drum                                            Germany

Hesse, Herman               Siddhartha                                               Germany

Hoeg, Peter                    Smilla's sense of snow                             Denmark

Hugo, Victor                   Hunchback of Notre Dame                        France

Hugo, Victor                   Les Miserables                                         France

Japrisot, Sebastien          A Very Long Engagement                        France

Jensen, Carsten               We the drowned                                       Denmark

Kafka, Franz                   The Trial                                                   Germany

Kafka, Franz                   The Metamorphosis                                  Germany

Kincaid, Jamaica             Annie John                                               Antigua

Kundera, Milan                Unbearable lightness of being                   Czechoslovakia

Lem, Stanislaw                Solaris                                                     Poland

Leroux, Gaston               Phantom of the opera                               France

Mahfuz, Najib                  Akhenaten, dweller in truth                        Egypt

Malraux, Andre                Man's fate                                                France

Mann, Thomas                The Magic mountain                                 Germany

Mann, Thomas                Demian, the story of Emil Sinclair's youth  Germany

Markandaya, Kamala       Nectar in a sieve                                       India

Mishima, Yukio                 Temple of the Golden Pavilion                Japan

Murakami, Haruki             The Windup Bird Chronicle                     Japan

Murasaki, Shikibu            The Tale of Genji                                      Japan

Nabokov, Vladimir           Invitation to a Beheading                         Russia

Naipaul V. S.                  A Bend in the river                                    Trinidad

Nesbo, Jo                         The Redbreast                                            Norway

Pamuk, Orhan                 My name is red                                           Turkey

Puig, Manual                  Kiss of the Spider Woman                          Argentina

Orczy, Baroness             The Scarlet Pimpernel                               France

Pasternak, Boris             Doctor Zhivago                                        Russia

Perez-Reverte, Arturo      Captain Alatriste                                         Spanish

Proust, Marcel                Swann's way                                            France

Remarque, Erich Maria    All quiet on the western front                     Germany

Rolvaag, Ole                   Giants in the Earth                                    Norway

Sholokov, Mikhail           And quiet flows the Don                           Russia

Sienkiewicz, Henry K.      Quo Vadis                                               Poland

Solzhenitsyn, Aleksandr  One day in the life of Ivan Denisovitch      Russia

Stendahl                         The Red and the Black                              France

Tolstoy, Leo                   War and Peace                                         Russia

Tolstoy, Leo                   Anna Karenina                                          Russia

Tolstoy, Leo                   Death of Ivan Ilych                                   Russia

Turgenev, Ivan                Fathers and sons                                        Russia

Undset, Sigrid                 The Bridal Wreath                                     Norway

Vargas Llosa, Mario        The War of the end of the world              Peru

Verne, Jules                    Around the world in eighty days               France

Verne, Jules                    20,000 leagues under the sea                    France

Verne, Jules                    Journey to the center of the earth              France

Verne, Jules                    The Mysterious island                               France

Voltaire                           Candide                                                     France

Werfel, Franz                  Song of Bernadette                                  Germany

Zafon, Carlos Ruiz         Shadow of the Wind                                 Spain

Zola, Emile                     Germinal                                                  France

There is a annual award  The Best Translated Book Award you may wish to follow for further good reading.

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