Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Another Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood

What a difference a day makes, indeed.  Despite it feeling colder and much windier, the snow line has crept back in the yard.

I spent a lot of time today bringing out bird baths and have my little tractor ready to remove the leaves from this garden.  I see little spears of green peeking up and it is best to get the covering off before the crocus are coming up.  It is so putsy to carefully peel the leaves off of the flowers.

I brought out all of the little garden critters.

I love my newest pots and will enjoy finding just the right plant and the right place in the garden for them.

I managed to get the workbench cleared off for the most part. Tomorrow the potting bench!

Poppy Princess Louise boldly peeks out...

One of my mini-greenhouses is in place, I'll get the other out there tomorrow.   Temperatures may reach a dazzling 70!  I'll clear the veggie beds and pop some peas, carrots and cabbage in for starters.

Once again while I was working outside I thought how nice it is to have the time to do everything I want to do. 


  1. I love your new pots, too--very cute! Here, my azaleas and peonies are ready to pop any day. The daffodils and hyacinths are almost over, but the tulips look nice. We have very few crocuses. I think we may not be cold enough for them.

  2. Peonies aren't even peeking up. My crocus are blooming happily today leaf-free. I'm going to add many more this fall. I've had a real problem with the beagles getting into my raised bed and digging up my bulbs every year so I have very few left. They are now blocked from the whole east side so it will be very different from now on.

  3. I've used cayenne pepper with much success to keep animals out of flower beds. The only problem is you have to resprinkle after every rain. It works, though! I can permanently break digging habits after a while.