Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Let Gardening Season Begin!

After last Thursday's mongo snowstorm, a person could be discouraged if they weren't a gardener.  The gardener says posh on snow.  It is just moisture says the gardener.

Warm temperatures this week should melt the snow, though our north facing front yard may look like snowmageddon for awhile yet.   I wouldn't mind except that I've spent time out in the warm! (50s) sunshine this weekend and I'd like to drag my nice two seater swing chair out and into the back yard.

The two feet or so of remaining snow out front creates a problem.  As it is, I try to do this sort of move in semi-stealth mode so the neighbors aren't having a laff riot watching me drag the sucker.

Luckily I have a nice cement bench out there that I can dream my dreams on for the nonce.

I feel really energized by the sun and warmth.  This gives me yet another opportunity to quote my professor of Transformational Generative Grammar from college:  "No better than the plants we are!  When it is cloudy we flop over unhappily, when the sun is out we are full of life and blooms."

I noticed a big vole attack on the east side where I am going to concentrate my garden this year.  It looked like someone was out there just digging a bunch of little holes with a stick.  A blog called Minnesota Rose Gardener recommends castor oil and dish detergent in the holes.  He also mentioned some chemical thing but no no, we're not putting poisons out where I plan to grow things.

Figure "A" Vole Holes

As an additional garden challenge this year I'll try to post something on the 15th of each month for what is called "Garden Bloggers Bloom Day".  Started by garden blogger May Dreams Gardens, you post what is in bloom on the 15th of the month year round.I'm not starting a separate garden blog, since I don't seem to be posting on those which exist.  We'll just use the everything plus the kitchen sink DOA blog.  There, there.

This entire area will be transformed this year to hold all of my plants.  Consider this the "before".

East Side Gardens  April 7 2014

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