Friday, April 11, 2014

This is the sort of day we like to call "Spring"

Finally today the sun was shining and the horrid blasts of wind were gone.  I raked out more leaves and got them in my composter.  I have so many more leaves that I'm going to make a compost heap from green metal posts and chicken wire.

I ruthlessly chopped at two lilacs that were in my way.  I only need them to provide screening at about a 6 ft level, they aren't meant to be specimens.   I have about 20 lilacs still in the front yard so don't weep for my lilacs.

The Creature (my neighbor) was apparently spirited away to assisted living or something of that sort in the dead of winter.  I don't need to block her anymore but certainly someone will occupy the house sooner or later.

I'm putting in one each of dwarf Zestar and  dwarf Honeycrisp apple trees this spring and after looking up their growing requirements and ultimate size, I have spots picked out for them.

Also incoming are a red currant, a gooseberry and a "pink" blueberry.  Those I haven't quite placed in my mind yet.   I have two other blueberries I'm moving from their current locations.

A hydrangea that has bloomed perhaps twice?  Poof.   When I do a makeover, the scraggly get the boot.

Pruning isn't easy.  I don't seem to have much strength in my hands or arms so for a few of those branches I had to brace the pruner and do one of those "this is blah blah's head" things before really applying the pressure needed.   It's the thing you do when you can't open a jar, right?

Crocus happily un-leafed

I love strawberries and have had variable luck growing them.  I have some "Pineapple" Strawberries growing under lights.

This winter I went wild and ordered Jung's "Strawberry Pyramid" something I've secretly lusted after my whole gardening life.  If not now, when?

I have just the spot picked out.  I did not buy the netting cover kit or the winter cover kit but I might.
I haven't taken it out of the box because it is supposed to be a six foot circumference which means it is wound pretty darn tightly in its little box.

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