Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Snow incoming!

As Prince once said "Sometimes it snows in April".   Last year it snowed in May!  The Horror!
I am reminded that I missed Garden Bloggers Bloom Day yesterday but I do actually have a few crocus boldly flowering.  Despite the very Cold and Windy (!!!) weather this week, the garden moves toward spring.

I'll trot outside before the flakes fall and we shall have signs of life, I say life!

Good grief, Charlie Brown.   I went right out into the beginnings of steenkin' snow!  Nasty snow.  Despite my coo cooing about it just being moisture the other day, it is in truth unwelcome!  Bad, bad snow.  Woof.

My crocus are shut up tight against the cold and wind!

Looking forward, this east facing area is marked out for new raised beds coming this very weekend, perhaps.   It's the sort of thing I can ask for as a combined Easter/Mother's Day gift.   Clever me.  Good timing on those holidays.  ^-^

The dogs enjoy being outdoors no matter the weather.  It was so hard this winter when there were days cold enough that they could freeze solid before 5 minutes were up.  That isn't nearly enough time to check things out if you're a beagle.

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