Friday, April 29, 2016

Itsy Bits and Pieces: Top Five Things To Buy At Yard Sales This Year

From my Crafty Blogroll section, there's a post: Top Five Things To Buy At Yard Sales This Year from The Itsy Bits and Pieces Blog.  The post is part of a Blog Hop in which 14 different Yard Salers recommend things to look for this year.

Treasure hunters unite!  Many of the bloggers buy both for themselves and for fix-up and repair to sell.   Many things seem trendy and appear on multiple lists:  old luggage, old wooden ladders, baskets, things for the garden, vintage tablecloths and linens.

I personally haven't room for a new toothpick.  I have a million fun things but they aren't arranged appealingly.  I have no gift for hanging pictures or shelves.  Still!

Looking at all of the old trailers "glamped out" recently with vintage items has made me think of how pretty those things are. Maybe I could look for a few things for the garden and my shed.  This recent magazine certainly  feeds the dreamy vintage inspired garden decor beastie.

I need to seriously work on my refurbishing skills.  A bargain isn't a bargain if you never make it useable, right?

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