Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Animoto's Kind Support

Thanks to the folks at Animoto for trying to help resolve my problems using Animoto. They suggested I update my Adobe Flash Player and try the Firefox browser.

As it turns out I have the most up to date version of Adobe Flash, so that's all good. Since I use my laptop for posting and for all my picture files, I don't want to use precious drive space on the installation of an alternate browser.

Even if I can't use the Animoto feature, I'd encourage others to give it a try. It looks to be a very unique and dynamic way of making static photographs into something much more than a slide show.

For all the programs a library does all year long, it would be a great advertisement and fun way to show what happens at libraries besides the daily checking in and out of hundreds of books, the answering of every question under the sun, and the pampering of wayward copy machines. Libraries are waaay beyond cool. Animoto can help show that off.

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