Tuesday, November 4, 2008

324 Ele

I thought I wouldn't talk about politics here but hey! Just showing off another image generator that lets you create an old fashioned library catalog card. People really miss those cards. They didn't have to use a computer to look things up, and even better, they could just pull the card out of the drawer and take it right to the shelf! No messy having to write down a call number. Just toss the card when you're done!

Remember that phrase "May you live in interesting times?" Well, we do, and it is as exciting as anything. Uncertain yes, but just like a good book you can't wait to see what happens next. Aren't we so lucky, its an interactive book. We get to help determine how the story plays out. It doesn't get better than that. See you at the polls.

Edit: For all of you Land of 10,000 Lakes, Ponds and Puddles voters you can find your polling place by using Pollfinder from the Minnesota Secretary of State site. Just use the dropdowns to zoom in on the poll location. You can even get a map!

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