Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Beagles for Dummies, or, How I Could Write That One Myself

My co-worker the Floating Lush gets all the new non-fiction as it comes in and she thought I might like the fresh copy of "Beagles for Dummies".

Since I have seen two wondrous beagles from youth through old age and beyond, and I have a third little beagle bud, I think I am ok on the basics. Here is what I know:

They are the cutest, sweetest, most loving dogs you can know.

They live by their nose.

They want to be by you all the time if they can...unless their nose leads them away.

A WatchBeagle is a fine thing to have around.

Treats are welcome anytime.

They have a deep Beagle wisdom they only share with those they love and worship. If you're lucky, thats you.

They are exhuberant creatures who always want to go for a walk with you, no matter how long or short, they are ready to go!

They are indeed stubborn, but treat them with respect and they will happily comply.

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