Friday, October 2, 2009

Flash Forward

I'm really enjoying this series so far. The first episode established the worldwide blackout for 2 minutes and 17 seconds and led us on our merry way to see if everyone will be trapped in the future glimpse they saw, or if they can change their future now that they know what might be.

In addition to the issues of free will vs fate inherent in the storyline, we have the intriguing video showing someone in Detroit stadium walking around awake and casual during the blackout, and the revelation that someone in Pigeon, Utah was apparently calling the man in Detroit during the blackout.

The FBI agents are taking the stance that these wakeful people may have had something to do with the blackout, and that the blackout could re-occur.

Agent Mark Benford and his family are at the center of the drama in a way, because Mark saw an entire bulletin board of clues he had put together about the blackout and it's causes and the bulletin board is shaping up with those same clues even after just two episodes.

His very likeable wife meets the man in episode two that she saw herself having an affair with. She is so horrified to meet him and I like her so much for being honest with her husband about her vision and the fact that the man has come to the hospital where she works.

Her husband has not been honest with her at all about returning to drinking in his vision, and you can see he thinks her guilty already of the affair. The future seems inexorably to be set in motion.

Their little girl Charlie is not so likeable, seeming very whiny and pouty. She does give a clue or two to her vision by being upset that Dylan, the autistic son of Mr. Affair has been hurt, implying she and he are close. She also tells her father D. Gibbons is a "bad man", belying the idea that the cupcake lady named Dee Dee Gibbons who seeks out agent Noh in episode two is the D. Gibbons of the Mosaic board. the cupcake lady all a part of some larger plot, is she trying to drive the team towards a solution or put them off of the trail?

Agent Noh, who saw nothing, puts his name out of the Mosaic Bulletin Board and he gets a call saying he will be killed March 15th, 2010. This would explain why he saw nothing in the vision, but if he knows how and where he is killed, can he avoid his death?

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