Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Minnesota Crime Wave

Minnesota Crime Wave authors Carl Brookins, William Kent Krueger and Ellen Hart appeared at my library last night. They are the coolest group of authors ever. You need to see them in person to appreciate just how wonderful they are.

Despite the unending rain, and a nailbiter Twins game that should have been over by the time of the event, we had a good crowd. Not just numbers wise, but they were very engaged by the authors and they asked alot of questions. It is a tribute to how warm, smart, funny and fascinating these authors are that the audience was very relaxed and they felt comfortable enough to ask all about the authors works and the process of writing. Even after the end of the program people gathered around the Crime Wave asking even more questions.

Often at these events we get people who have never been to an author program before and they are so amazed at how great it is hear them speak, and be able to ask anything at all of their favorite authors. I encourage any reader to find your local author appearance list, check your library, look in the paper, or go a bookstore event. I guarantee you will like your author even more, or find a new author to read, and generally you can buy their books on the spot and go home happy.

Visit the Minnesota Crime Wave web site to find out more about them and to perhaps arrange an author appearance.

The authors also have their own individual sites so you can enjoy reading about them and their works even more:

Ellen Hart

William Kent Krueger

Carl Brookins

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