Thursday, October 15, 2009

Survivor Samoa: a Little Screen Time and Tribal Council for Galu

The Yoga Masters at Galu finally got a little screen time last week when they lost the immunity challenge and were sent to Tribal Council.

I was fooled into thinking that Shambo, the only Galu ever given any airtime previously, would be the natural pick for the Boot. She even tempted Survivor Fate by claiming to be a "farm girl" and promptly losing one of the chickens that had been won in reward. Her efforts at talking chicken talk to the escapee to lure him back were comical but ineffective.

The other targets for The Snip were Yasmin for lounging about camp (though it was agreed she did well in challenges) and Monica for impersonating The Little Engine That Couldn't, huffing and puffing her way along a length of rope at the challenge.

Peeking out and showing small bits of personality are the Galu men Erik, John and Dave (aka Svengali Dave for his mesmerizing concentration at challenge). Erik tricks Shambo into giving him clues to find the Immunity Idol at the Galu camp. Rocket Scientist John shakes his abs in disgust. Dave wins a Jeff-less reward challenge by tossing a boche style ball right next to the post, winning the chicken reward for Galu.

Russell, leader of Galu (formerly Russell the Lawful) who chose pillows and blankies last time out to keep the Yoga Meister Women happy, acts badly this episode again. He insists that as LEADER his decision to send Huffy Puffy Monica home for a bad challenge performance is the only way to go.

Erik and the GUYS however, decide along with some of the women that Yasmin (of the Catfight with Hillbilly Ben) is a lounge lizard at camp and she is the weakest link, etc, and they win the day, so off she goes in her high heeled shoes.

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