Monday, October 5, 2009

The Forgotten: Diamond Jane

This was really interesting, a desicated body was found in a Chicago alley in a very odd two-tiered box.

The team does an ace job of figuring out who the girl is from the diamond engagement ring that was missed in a body bag the first go-round by the police and coroner's office. Who knew that diamond rings are now tracked as something terrorists could use?

Once they locate the girl's fiance, they decide that he is most likely the killer, especially when they find he is from Chicago, and he is suspected by the girls parents in her disappearance as well. The Forgotten Network folks and the police all were just assuming that he did it. He looked so innocent to me, and I believed in him.

As it turns out, my instincts were correct. I think the revelation of the real killer was so well done, and not what you would expect at all.

Of course, the victim gave it away in her opening lines, but who would think?

This episode was more suspenseful than the first, but they have all that character setting up to do in the pilot episode.

We get a little more background on the characters.

Alex Donovan (Christian Slater) the former cop had some sort of meltdown.

Candace Butler (Michelle Borth) of the mind-numbing job, works in an insurance agency.

Grace Russell (Rochelle Aytes) sort of looks mooney at her ex-mentor Alex. Probably not in love with him or anything, nah.

The Science teacher, Lindsey Drake is married to a nationally known killer, since the folks from New York recognized his name right off.

Walter the telephone repairman looks great in a suit and he can be convincing and suave when he needs to be. This is part of his superhero-dom (in his mind).

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