Thursday, October 15, 2009

Flash Forward: 137 Sekunden

Sekunden is German for "seconds". Agents Mark Benford and Janis Hawk visit a Nazi war criminal in Munich who barters his vision for freedom from prison. The really grizzled, half dead looking Rudolf Geyer claims to know what the significance of the 137 seconds of blackout time means.

Janis and Mark wrestle with their consciences before making the deal. Mark is conflicted yet ready to do whatever is necessary to learn anything. Janis does not want to make the deal and release the monster. Good character exposition in this bit, revealing much about how they will operate in the future.

Dmitri Noh is re-united with his fiancee, who is so sweet. I just adore her. In a fascinating twist, she happily reveals her Flash Forward to Dmitri. She sees them getting married on a beach on April 29, 2010. She is ecstatic and happy. Demetri is puzzled, since he is convinced both by his blackout being being blank and the untraceable phone call telling him his death date is known to be March 15th, 2010.

I conclude that this means people can change their fate. All they have to do is use their foreknowledge to avoid their fates.

Other tidbits:

Aaron, the AA pal of Mark who saw a vision of his dead daughter alive has her grave exhumed with Mark's help and the DNA tested. It is proven that the DNA is hers. This results in a small reunion with his wife. There is speculation on the ABC Flashforward site that because her remains were only 37 pounds and she was shown in Aaron's Flash Forward only from the waist up, maybe she lost the lower half of her body and she is still alive. Will he find a motivation to keep searching for her after his disappointment?

Rudolf Geyer, aka Icky Nazi, who attributed the 137 seconds to a cabalistic bit of numerology, also provides what turns out to be a significant tip: he saw dead crows in the prison courtyard. He gives Mark a field guide to birds that later makes Mark question if there have been other mass crow demise incidents. He finds that there have indeed been large incidents in the past. So we know that perhaps the method of knocking people out has been tested before and a bit of pattern is revealed.

The show ends with a Somalian boy seeing a village full of dead crows and a mist surrounding a tower in the town.

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