Tuesday, October 27, 2009

BackType Query of the Week: Reader's Advisory

I like the idea of Backtype, sort of modern day Library Literature search, as it were, if you're trying to find out the buzz on Library Topics (who isn't? Hot stuff!)

Calmly typing in "Reader's Advisory" as my search, ha! I find no real hits on the sort of Reader's Advisory we all do. I find a bunch of boring stuff on advisory groups that have nothing to do with the glories of putting a good book in the hands of a reader.

The wily searcher types in "Library Reader's Advisory" and voila! Still nothing useful.

"Book Recommendations" a mixed bag, not any librarians touting the books, tsk.

"Libraries Reading" hmmm, sort of not really...

Ebooks making libraries popular again, can do nothing about your 80s scrunchie

Librarians can survive without libraries—we are a well-educated group and can do other things if need be. Libraries are vital and sacred ...

Column -- Relevance of Libraries

Now everyone is talking about books, and reading and storage!

Deep deep stuff.

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