Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Blog Spotting

The Closed Stacks Blog has a guest post by the effing librarian titled: A Librarians advice on dealing with librarians. I understand the frustration and have encountered every situation that he/she (effing being none too gender specific)mentions here. The first one where effing requests that the customer not explain why they haven’t been in a library in 30 years. Well hey. We’re scary snooty and cranky so I give everyone a pass on that one.

The only Librarian Blog I keep on the sidebar that sort of pokes fun of everyone that comes up to the desk is Love the Liberry. It seems more like a snapshot of a public desk than a cheap shot most days. For instance this short snippet Unprofessional Question

The Do Some Damage: An Inside Look at Crime Fiction blog has been having online book discussions for awhile on the blog. They have moved to a GoodReads group and invite interested mystery/crime fiction readers to join.

At the Inkspot Blog, Sue Ann Jaffarian writes about social media and how it allows readers to glimpse the person behind the author, but is this sometimes too much?

In her Murderati post Not Coming Soon to A Bookstore Near You author Louise Ure talks about the dread bookstore signing where there is a tiny or non-existent crowd. I cringe to read it because I always hope for a large crowd for events here and this year has been a tough one for getting people out to them. I feel for the authors and performers with their remarkable talents who do not get to talk to a good group of their followers and potential followers.

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