Monday, November 15, 2010

A Few Good Questions

It isn't all requests for The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and its sequels for your librarian on the street.

Question One:

Today I had a lady looking for the Cake Lover's Bible. We didn't own it, but while trying to make sure the title was correct I found the author's website which is lovely.

Real Baking With Rose Levy Beranbaum is about baking with forums and a blog and lots of recipes.

Over on the side I noted a link to another site with 78 Mouth-Watering Baking Blogs you need to Bookmark. Yummy!

Question number two:

A guy gets a wierd popup on his laptop whenever he tries to use Microsoft Word. As it turns out, the laptop was purchased used and the popup was asking for a Product Key. This unlicensed software let him create a document but not print or copy and paste it elsewhere to print it. Lesson to be learned, make sure if you buy a used pc, that you get any documentation that went with it.

Question Three:

Printing from Windows Live Word App

You have to make sure you use the print icon within the onscreen window for the application. If you try to use the File menu or the Print icon on the Explorer Toolbar, you will get nowhere.

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