Wednesday, November 3, 2010

WordPress Tip: What to do when your Login Prompt Disappears

I use WordPress for another blog and recently changed to a new template. To my consternation my login prompt was gone. The only sidebar items were links to other sites. There I am, thinking how on earth am I going to update that dang blog if I can't log in?

I did a little research and the solutions not only looked complex, they had red margined warnings to Back Up Your Settings.

One thing I did pick up from these tipsters was that I needed to type in the actual web address of the site. I'm sure I wrote this down when I created the blog, but where did I put that? I just use the link on my favorites bar to get to the sitre, which wasn't helping me now.

My twisty mind then thought, when you sign up for a blog, they tell you your site address. So I just need to find that original email and get my address and...

In the original email there were four "handy links". Handy indeed! As soon as I clicked on one I got my beloved login prompt, and in I went to change the template to something login friendly.

Sigh of relief...

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