Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Blogger Widgets: Site Count and Popular Posts

Monkey see, monkey do. I added the built in site count from Blogger (new) and their Popular Posts widget since I had added them to my Sword Blog which is officially registered with NaBloPoMo this year and agghh I'm having a devil of a time posting once per day.

I'm doing a post a day on both blogs. Unofficially here since I have failed to complete two years running on D.O.A.

When I originally worked my way through the 23 Things, I didn't add a widget for the most read posts because I thought it might be sort of self-perpetuating. You put the top ones up there and people keep clicking on them out of curiousity and voila. Popular indeed.

I can see right away that the Sword blog has more readers (I knew that anyway). It is also clear that people like lists. I know this from reading various articles and posts, that people just want to be directed to the very best or any kind of list. Sillies.

Since I write this for my imaginary audience anyway, I always write what I want, but knowing what people are reading might give me the incentive to update posts that do have lists, and to think of more wily lists to please my imaginary readers.

And OOPS! I never posted the solution to the Rebus! I'll save that for tomorrows post :)

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