Sunday, November 14, 2010

Facebook's New Group Creation Tool

I wanted to post family pictures and just give family access to them.

Creating the group is simple. You select Create group, invite friends and you can post just to those you invited to the group.

I had in my mind that I could make a photo album within this group page for separate people and events. Though you can add photos, they just show up as a wall post with the picture and your comment attached.

I can live with that.

I was happily adding photos and narrative descriptions and my sister says "how do I save them"? Just click on my album on the sidebar, I said. Puzzled as to why she didn't think to get there the same way she just got in. So I thought. Then my husband stops by and says "I just got about 15 emails from you".

Doh. So everytime I post a new picture I'm spamming the email of my relations. Eeek. I see now my sister and husband just clicked on the email link to see the post, they didn't log into Facebook and pick my album at all. Yow. Sigh.

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