Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Farewell, November

I've decided not to make this last day WIP Wednesday after all.  I think I've shown the most interesting projects, and as I hoped, I've made actual progress completing them.  I have high hopes for the entire waiting-for-its-turn collection of items.  I'll certainly put any completed items up, so you can say "whoa, she actually finished something".

I have an actual post for every day of the month, which was a goal.  My next blogging goal is to have 100 posts for the year.  If you look on the sidebar way way down you can see how many posts I have had each year. Pretty puny!  I think 100 posts over the course of a year should be a reasonable thing, particularly since I have so many things I can write about.

I also plan to give some attention again to my book blog and games blogs, which I also enjoy writing for.  So more of me, blah blah blah.

 For December I have in draft a favorite Christmas movies post, a compilation of some of the Christmas crafts I've seen on blogs, and a favorite Star Trek Episodes post that didn't make it into the November mix.

More TV and movie posts incoming, and I have the plot and basic draft of the next Casefiles of Detective Open-Shut.  Exciting stuff!

Thanks for stopping by this month, and see you in December!

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