Monday, November 21, 2016

Garden Planning 2017: Perennials

I've deconstructed and grassed over 90 % of my perennial gardens, so there isn't room for much.  I find myself wanting a few very large hostas nonetheless, maybe a couple of pink peonies, and in a rare sunny spot a rose or two.

Many of the garden catalogs that were in business when I was at the height of my gardening time are now gone.  Locally, most garden centers that I enjoyed visiting are gone as well.  I certainly miss them, particularly Linders.

There are still a few wonderful mail order garden sources.  I'm thinking of seeing what I can find next spring.

Song Sparrow   

Klehm's Song Sparrow Farm and Nursery used to be just Klehm's.  They've always had a beautiful selection of perennials and peonies.  If I could only order from one company, they'd be it.

White Flower Farm

I ordered from them quite a bit in my early years.  Their selection has always been amazing, but I was not always happy with what arrived in the mail.  I saw an article recently on them trying to preserve a particular plant and its varieties, so I thought I'd try them once more.

Jung Seed and Plant

I waited a long time to order from Jung, and I wish I had not.  They have much more than seeds, plants, shrubs, trees, all very nice upon arrival.  Also a wide selection of garden supplies you wont find elsewhere.

Well Sweep Herb Farm

Well Sweep has a vast selection of herbs and perennials.  You'll almost certainly find what you're looking for here.  They offer soaps, oils and books to help you be successful. There are so many varieties of each plant type, it is lovely just browsing and dreaming.

Roses of Yesterday and Today

I don't know about you, but I've been in the mood to grow roses again.   With the demise of so many local nurseries, the selection of roses is almost non-existent here.  You might see those short cascading varieties....I can't think of the name.  No selection at all, if they even carry roses.

Enter Roses of Yesterday and Today with their lovely name and wonderful selection of roses from many eras.  I'm certain I'll find something to love here.

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